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Truckee Fingerprinting - Livescan Services

What is a livescan?

Live Scan is a way to take inkless fingerprints, which are then digitalized and transmitted directly to the Department of Justice (DOJ). The DOJ then checks the fingerprints against known criminal history records. A response (criminal history or no criminal history) is then sent to the agency requesting the Live Scan. If an applicant has no criminal history a response should be sent from the DOJ to the requesting agency in approximately 3 to 7 days.

What do I need for a livescan?

Applicants must bring in one original, completed “Request for Live Scan Service” form. The form must be completed by the agency requesting the Live Scan and by you, the applicant. We CANNOT assist you on filling out the form. Forms are given to the applicant by the agency sending the applicant in for the Live Scan. 

The applicant must also provide picture identification to us. Acceptable primary forms of photo identification include any of the following: 

  • California Driver’s License 
  • Department of Motor Vehicles Identification Card 
  • Out-of-State Driver’s License

In the absence of a primary form of identification, we may accept one or more of the following as secondary forms of Identification, but only with the supplemental documents noted: 

  • State Government Issued Certificate of Birth
  • U.S. Active Duty/Retiree/Reservist Military Identification Card (000 10-2)
  • U.S. Passport

  •  Federal Government Personal Identity Verification Card (PIV) 

  • Department of Defense Common Access Card 

  • U.S. Tribal or Bureau of Indian Affairs Identification Card 

  • Social Security Card 

  • Court Order for Name Change/Gender Change/Adoption/ Divorce 

  • Marriage Certificate (Government Certificate Issued) 

  • U.S. Government Issued Consular Report of Birth Abroad 

  • Foreign Passport with Appropriate Immigration Document(s) 

  • Certificate of Citizenship (N560) 

  •  Certificate of Naturalization (N550) 

  • INS I-551 Resident Alien Card Issued Since 1997 

  • INS 1-688 Temporary Resident Identification Card 

  • INS I-688B, I-766 Employment Authorization Card

NOTE: When validating the authenticity of secondary identification documents and forms, the data and information must be supported by at least two of the following supplemental documents: 

  • Utility Bill (Address)
  • Jurisdictional Voter Registration Card
  • Vehicle Registration Card/Title

  • Vehicle Registration Card/Title 

  •  Jurisdictional Public Assistance Card 

  •  Jurisdictional Public Assistance Card 

  •  Cancelled Check or Bank Statement 

  • Mortgage Documents 

How much does a live scan cost?

There are two fees involved in the Live Scan process: the rolling (fingerprinting) fee and the background investigation fee. Truckee Fingerprinting charges a $25.00 rolling (fingerprinting) fee for all applications. The fees charged for the background investigation depend on the type of Live Scan application and what level of service is required by the agency that has requested your Live Scan. (The background fee is the fee that the DOJ charges for researching your fingerprints to determine if you have a criminal record or not.) Background fees range from $25.00 to $110.00. This fee is in addition to the $25.00 rolling (fingerprinting) fee. If your Live Scan form has a billing number in the “Agency Billing Number” line (this is a six digit number that starts with a “1”), that means that the agency requesting your Live Scan will be billed for the background fees and all you will need to pay is the $25.00 rolling (fingerprinting) fee. If your form does not have a billing number on it, you will be responsible for paying both the rolling (fingerprinting) fee and the background fees.

What type of payment is accepted?

Truckee Fingerprinting accepts payment in the form of Cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Money Order, Cashiers Check, Corporate or Business Checks. Please note that if you are providing a corporate or business check, the check must be issued from the agency that is listed on the Live Scan form and must also be the agency that is requesting your Live Scan.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes! Same day appointments are usually available. You can make your appointment online here, or call or text us if you do not see the time you would like listed.

Where can I get a Request for Livescan Form?

The requesting agency (the entity that is requesting the background check) will provide you with the live scan forms necessary to complete the live scan. Please also review the question below.

Can I get the forms from Truckee Fingerprinting?

All Live Scan forms must be provided to you by the agency that wants you to get fingerprinted. These forms contain information that is unique to each agency and this information must be provided before arriving to have your prints taken. 

If my prints are not accepted, what happens?

Fingerprints are rejected on occasion for several reasons. The most common reasons are the applicant's fingerprints have characteristics that are difficult to capture in the live scan process. This would include items such as cuts, scars and calluses. If an applicant has fingerprints rejected on this basis, and they were originally scanned by Truckee Fingerprinting, we will rescan your fingerprints at no additional charge.

Why us?

At Truckee Fingerprinting, we are focused on providing efficient services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. 

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